Human Glioma Cell Cultures.

HGCC is a biobanking effort to provide a panel of newly established and characterized GBM cell lines from GBM patient surgical samples, currently holding 48 cell lines. The HGCC cell lines and accompanying data are available as an open resource facilitating accurate modeling of GBM diversity for basic research and drug discovery.

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HGCC Biobank

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Glioblastoma and GSCs
From patient to treatment.

The concept of glioma stem cells (GSCs) has attracted a lot of interest, and a glioma-initiating cell bearing stem cell characteristics has been proposed, with the ability to seed new tumors through the capacity to evade chemotherapy and irradiation.

Basic cancer research, including preclinical tumor models and testing of candidate drugs needs optimized in vitro models that better reflect the patient’s disease, including modeling of the cancer stem cell compartment. We have set up a biobanking effort to culture and characterize a new panel of cells, derived from GBM patient biopsies, based on a combination of two validated techniques for culturing GSCs (Xie et al. 2015). Here, we report the establishment, genomic characterization and in vivo validation of 48 patient-derived GBM cell lines cultured under stem cell conditions, and that they represent all four molecular GBM subtypes.

Patient Material

DiagnosisNumber of patientsMean age (span)MaleFemaleNumber of cell linesCell line rate (%)
All glioma10160.7 (21-82)56455447.4
Grade IV83 5355.8
Glioblastoma8262.5 (21-82)47355356.4
Grade III13 17.7
Anaplastic astrocytoma445.8(29-63)04125
Anaplastic oligodendroglioma952.6(26-73)4500
Grade II500
Pleomorphic xanthoastrcytoma1571000

HGCC in Action
Drug Development and Characterization.

A number of studies have been published using HGCC. Here we summarize the cell lines used in each study.

Xie et al.
Wee et al.
Babateen et al.
Savary et al.
Yu et al.
Kundu et al.
Wee et al.
Truve et al.
Roy et al.
Schmidt et al.
Segerman et al.
Jiang et al.
Pinheiro et al.
Pudelko et al.

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Glioblastoma MRI, Case courtesy of Dr Frank Gaillard, Radiopaedia.org. From the case Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) with PNET component

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